Calling Out Mini Fashionistas!

December 04, 2019

As Kidzie Fashion Week is ready to launch its first Spring Summer season, we are calling out to all the mini fashionistas to join KFW and have an experience that will be cherished for a long long time.

Kidzie Fashion Week provides kids with an unmatched platform to walk the runway for a premium brand. At KFW junior models are professionally trained for the final show at the one day workshop which is conducted prior to the main showcase event. It is very important to develop certain confidence in the participating kid for a smooth performance.

Kidzie Fashion Week believes every child is special and hence individual attention is paid to all the participants. A professional team closely works upon the personality development of the little kids focusing on removing stage fear, building confidence, and other areas of development. Alongside a professional choreographer takes in-charge of teaching the kids' runway sequences, camera posing and that perfect, fun walk for the runway.

Among the many fashion shows happening every now and then, KFW stands apart with its professional teams, dedication towards the fashion industry and the unmatched event format for the little models.

KFW provides the participating junior models with a supreme runway experience with brand endorsement, social media featuring, a workshop developing the overall personality, trained photoshoot for both kids and one with their parents, and a bonafide internationally accepted certificate affiliated from all the associated kidswear premium brands, boosting the little models' carer in the entertainment industry.

Kidzie Fashion Week does not just limit to the fashion show. Rather it tries and places the junior models further in the kids' entertainment industry focusing on the career that is full of fun, amusements and celebrations of all sorts, with the help of production houses, media houses, and casting agencies present in the audience during the brand showcase. Isn't that a great great thing to be part of? YES! Register now for an exceptional experience.