Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kidzie Fashion Week?

Kidzie Fashion Week (KFW) is an edutainment platform for kids who aspire to become junior models and walk the runway endorsing collection from national and international premium kidswear brands. It is a two day event conducted in several cities pan India creating opportunities for the young ones to step into the entertainment industry.

Who can enrol at KFW?

Children between four to fourteen years of age with a dream and passion to become a kid model can enrol at Kidzie Fashion Week.

Is the participating kid featured in media?

Yes, the participating kid gets an opportunity to be featured in local and national media. Also they are presented in front an audience comprising of executives from leading newspapers, dailies, magazines, and digital media opening ample opportunities of being captured and featured. They get an opportunity to bag projects from the various production and media houses present in the audience. Moreover, the participating junior is introduced and featured on KFW's social media handles.

Is there a participation fee in KFW?

Yes, a participation fee of INR 8,000 *(Inclusive All Taxes) is charged to enrol in Kidzie Fashion Week. This fee is charged because it is a two-day event at a 5-star venue with delicious meals provided to the participating child. The workshop on day one, is conducted by a professional team where personal attention is given to every child focusing on helping them removing stage fear, build confidence and develop a presentable personality, followed by a professional choreographer teaching the kids camera posing and runway sequences. The hair, makeup and costumes are also taken care by respective professional teams on D-day. Moreover, the participating junior models are also provided with a professional photoshoot.

How long will the kid be engaged?

The participating children will be engaged for nearly four to five hours each day during the workshop and the show.

Why should I choose KFW?

Rather why not? Kidzie Fashion Week provides the participating kids with an opportunity to walk down the runway for a national or international premium kidswear brand in front of an audience comprising of parents, who's-who of the fashion industry, production houses, media houses, bloggers, and many more further creating opportunities to be featured. KFW focuses on personality development of the child, hence conducts a one-day workshop before the event. It provides the participating kids with an internationally accepted certificate boosting the kid's future in modelling and entertainment industry.

What are the facilities provided at the venue?

The participating kid model endorses outfits provided by associated kidswear brands. They also avail professional hair and makeup along with a stylist to style them aptly for the runway showcase. Moreover, 5-star meals are provided on both the days.

Does KFW issues a certificate?

Yes, Kidzie Fashion Week issues an internationally accepted participation certificate affiliated from all the associated showcasing brands, boosting the kid's modelling career.